Superb Japanese Meiji Period Carved Ivory Okimono Man


Superbly detailed Ivory Okimono seated man.

Please do study the photographs,

Character mark to the underside of this lovely man.

height : 7.5 cm

Okimono is a Japanese term meaning ‘ornament for display; objet d’art; decorative object”, typically displayed in a tokonoma alcove or butsudan altar.


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Fabulous Meiji Period Carved Okimono of a Seated Man


(23rd October  1868 – 30th July 1912)

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An Okimono may be a small Japanese carving, similar to,  but larger than netsuke.  Unlike netsuke, which had a specif

purpose, Okimono were purely decorative and usually displayed in the tokonoma.  An Okimono can be made out of wood, ivory, ceramic or metal.