1940’s Housing Drive by Pepys Games of London


Game for 2 – 6 players
Each player is supplied with a playing board, of which the upper half is laid out to represent a housing estate, and the lower half divided to indicate position for
the various pieces used during the game.

In the 1940’s this was a tropical subject for a board game as the British Government, was replacing housing stock destroyed by the Luftwaffe and also trying to provide
for the heroes.


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This box contains the following :

Metal dice, counters, coins, and good quality houses, and playing boards.
This was a time when rationing was still in place so this really makes this game rather special.

The playing tray is placed in the centre of the table and contains :

As listed in the instructions ( In brackets how many in this box )

80 houses ( complete )
100 coins ( 97 )
25 blue counters ( 21 )
25 red counters ( 24 )
25 green counters ( 21 )
2 dice
28 blue cards ( 28 )
28 yellow cards ( 28 )

The winner of the game is the player who has built his houses at the cheapest cost to the Government.

It says on the front of the box that this a game for 2 – 8 players, this was a mistake on the early games as it is for 2 – 6 players, later
this was rectified by a sticker over the top changing it.

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