1920’s Oxo Brand Fluid Beef Tin


Rather unusual 1920’s Oxo Tin
which contained Brand fluid Beef in cubes.

A delicious Beef Beverage

Concentrated Beef in handy form

Oxo cubes
Sole Manufacturers
Oxo Limited.

As you can see from the photographs in reasonable age related condition.
Will be posted by 2nd class post, signed for and carefully wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrap/

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To the bottom of the tin it reads :

Store in a cool dry place
Put an oxo cube into a cup add hot water and stir
OXO CUBES dissolve more quickly when cut into thin slices.
To strengthen Sops, Gravies add OXO CUBES as required.
An OXO CUBE in a glass of hot milk renders the milk more easily assimilable.

Contents – 50 cubes

Oxo Ltd
Thames House