Burmese Kalaga Tapestry

Today I am listing a rather lovely Burmese Kalage Tepestry.
I only buy and sell what I love, and I also love the research on each item.
So this is what I have found out on this lovely item today.

Kalaga ( Burmese) is a heavily embroidered applique tapestry made of silk, flannel, felt, wool and lace
against a background made of cotton or velvet indigenous to Burma.

The word malaga which means curtain comes from the Burmese language, although Burmese refer to such tapestries
as gold thread embroidery. These tapestries use a sewing technique called shwe gyi.

In a typical tapestry padded figures are cut from various types of cloth and sewn into a background, usually red or black cloth to form an elaborate scene.

The figures are sewn using a combination of metallic and plain threads and adorned with sequins, beads and glass stones.451

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